Duke University

Fuqua School of Business, Durham NC

Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business came to Chariot with a unique challenge. The school’s admissions department was in need of a custom-built, web-based solution to help unify and simplify their internal email marketing efforts.

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Web Design

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We started with wireframes and design of what would be their new email marketing templates. Our challenge was holding to Duke Fuqua’s brand standards while introducing intelligent ways to keep email recipients engaged, moving smoothly through email content, and clicking pertinent calls-to-action. Ultimately, this would tie into a unique, custom developed application that we would build to allow Duke’s admission staff to ideate marketing emails without the required knowledge of web development or html.

Web Design Email Examples for Duke University

Branded Email Marketing

Any marketeer or agency can tell you that the world of email marketing is very, very dependent on the platform of each recipient. From a web development standpoint, you have to jump through the hoops that each email program may require. To get it perfect, it takes mostly science but with a dash of magic.

We implemented a rigorous process of quality testing each email in a variety of email clients and on modern devices of today’s market. This included testing and creating conditional development that addressed misalignments or unwanted design discrepancies on the receiving end. The function and appearance had to be flawless whether, for example, the recipient was viewing the email via MS Outlook 2010, or from the Google Chrome app installed on an iPhone 7.

Web-Based Development Tool

Because of specific functions needed, along with the proprietary nature of the school’s program information, the staff at Duke Fuqua could not rely on popular out-of-the-box solutions. They needed a templated, concise process of creating html emails that could be implemented into their existing subscriber management system without staff having to be web coding gurus themselves.

Web-Based Smart Application

We worked with Duke Fuqua’s Director of Global Marketing, along with their team, to strategize, design, and develop the all new Email HTML Generator Tool. By carefully building in dynamic, conditional widgets we were able to create a smooth digital process for their admissions staff that allowed them to select one of three predetermined email templates followed by an array of conditional options for each email. Each widget was custom-loaded based on the choices they made in the previous step along with predetermined options for headlines, photo choices, sub-headings and more.

The end result was a simple, yet effective piece of web-based software that allowed their internal team to easily create their own marketing email within the brand and messaging parameters of Duke Fuqua. The mobile-responsive, reactive system made it easy for even a web development novice to start their email marketing campaign all while staying on-brand and on-message.

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