Email Marketing Agency Example and Case Study

After working with NOAA and RAE on the web design and web development of the all-new, all beautiful Coastal Restoration Toolkit, next on our list was to build and implement a multi-channel promotion strategy. A key ingredient: email marketing.

The buzz was inevitable. However, our strategy would include how to leverage that momentum to cast a wide net over the client’s target audience that included all shapes and sizes — from industry environmentalist and biologists to citizens and volunteers who cared about their own coastal communities.

Bringing the UX to Users' Inboxes...

email marketing campaign example


We worked with RAE to establish a three-part email marketing campaign that would run in tandem with their social media marketing. With a focus on casting a wide net of awareness around the launch of the toolkit, the first email relied on similar elements as the homepage: compelling imagery, audience empowerment, and intuitive tools.

The subsequent two email send-outs would drill down to emphasize the focal topics of the toolkit (flooding, erosion, etc.) along with environmental needs and encouraging the users to take action.


  • Compelling Imagery
  • Audience Empowerment
  • Intuitive Tools

Strategy & Scope of Work:

  • Content Strategy & Copywriting
  • Email Design & UX Design
  • Development & Testing
  • List Segmentation & Inbox Optimization


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