Nonprofit marketing is about story-telling and smooth user-experiences (UX).

Attention captured? Check.

Your prospective supporters didn’t bounce (leave the page)? Check.

Education received, awareness accomplished, or heartstrings-tugged? Check.

Now what? Convert (that’s marketing lingo for converting a prospect into a supporter or customer).

Secure the donation and keep them coming, build your mailing list, host an event, cut a ribbon—then use the right tools, tactics, and messaging to maintain your supporter foundation. Then build even more.


72% of charitable giving in the US is by individual donors.



64% of donations are
by women.


Nonprofit Web Design for Mobile

Mobile usage affects everything from the importance of load-speed of your web pages to the curation of content to accommodate scrolling. Over the last few years, mobile use has changed the habits of internet users dramatically. As marketers, we have to respond with a website UX (user-experience) and web development that are strategic and modern.

How do you fulfill your mission while reducing time required by supporters to learn & engage?

The approach to nonprofit digital marketing should be tailored to suit unique needs, to strike a specific chord.

Nonprofits need to create a feeling, convey goals, relate to both the benefiting parties AND the source of support.

The “sell” often requires an element of education and/or tugging at heartstrings, depending on the cause.

Nonprofit web design, brochures, branding, or e-newsletters should accomplish goals while remaining consistent and current.

Email Marketing Tip for Charities

Don’t treat all supporters the same. Customize your messaging and outreach.


501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations qualify for a one time 15% DISCOUNT of website design and development services. Discount maximum of $1000 per organization. Exclusions apply. Contact us for details.

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Nonprofit Marketing by Chariot Creative in Raleigh NC

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Did You Know?

Did you know that 501(c)(3) organizations qualify for a Google Ads grant worth $10,000 per month?

We are so glad to have chosen Chariot Creative as our marketing agency! The team at Chariot has come through for us with flying colors - quite literally! Not only did they create a fresh, unique brand and website for our organization, they really showed us what great research, experience, and marketing strategy can do.

- Club Nova Community, Inc.

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