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Software + Design to Make Life Easier.

With more than 15 years of experience in building bespoke web applications that never overlook modern user experience design, our development team can build anything you can dream up. What makes Chariot unique is our ability to combine ground-up application builds with integrations to existing platforms to build the best system for your team’s capabilities—now and in the future.

Central Dashboards

Centralize your data. Streamline your workflow.

Minimize Onboarding

Leverage platforms you’re already familiar with.

Smart UI. Smooth UX.

2001 called. It wants its design back. (Let’s go 2024!)


Custom web applications should empower your team & your users.

Custom Web Application Development of a Client Portal that pulls data from open API project management software.
Custom client dashboard with open API integration from multiple data sources. Includes on-the-fly data calculations and data-driven animated infographics.
Learning Management System integrations with Membership System. Custom design and software development to leverage LearnDash and custom resource library.
Learning Management System on custom integration with API to Membership & File Management Platform.

Our Web Application Expertise


We merge the magic of custom PHP coding with the best platforms & integrations on the market today. Our PHP work includes custom API connections, third-party integrations, custom dashboards combing data from multiple sources, and ground-up portal development.

Application Structure

Our end-to-end strategy during the Discovery and Planning phases enables us to map out your web application. We put our expertise in UX and UI to work as well as a streamlined plan for security, migration, QA, launch or deployment, and team training.


  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • NodeJS + ExpressJS
  • Angular
  • React
  • Ajax
  • Jquery
  • Vue

API Integration

We do what plugins and subscription software can’t. Our truly custom development means you get a bespoke system made for your team’s unique needs, including centralizing data from multiple sources, making on-the-fly calculations, and streamlining your team’s daily operations.

Real-world Training

We ensure that you and your team quickly and smoothly hit the ground running with your new software after deployment. We provide patient, thorough one-on-one demos of your new software as well as pre-recorded videos that ease onboarding for others on your team.


Whether you just need an MVP (proof of concept) to present to investors or the foundational “phase 1” of your custom software, we can help. Our project scopes themselves are built just for you, and the technology we use is broadly supported, and best of all, scalable.

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