Even the best online marketing can fall flat if it does not have a strong, well-built platform to function on. Now matter how compelling your company’s imagery or how intelligent the brand, you can’t capture your customers’ attention and loyalty if the experience causes frustration, right?

Hand-crafted Website Development

When it comes to web development, one size certainly does not fit all. Each successful company’s marketing has unique requirements that bleed through to the user interface as well as the branding. Whether the best solution for your business’ online presence is an E-commerce WordPress site, a custom html5 and css3 build, or a custom-built PHP system running on multiple MySQL databases, you need the code to work and you need it to work well.

Even though website development is just a fraction of what we do, our team consists of decades of web coding and testing experience that enable us to ensure an efficient carry-through of your brand to your end-user. And the best part is, we are constantly learning better ways. The websites and online software that we develop are completely, and repeatedly, quality-tested in all modern environments. This includes that old version of Internet Explorer on your 5-year old PC laptop as well as the newest iPhone, iPads, and Samsung smart phones out there. Our mission is to ensure a flawless, engaging experience to you and your customers.

Let’s Talk Nerdy

If you happen to be a self-proclaimed “nerd” like many of us here at Chariot, please feel free to continue reading…

Welcome to the all-encompassing “interwebs.” It’s easy to use, it drives approximately 60% of functions in our daily lives, and it has enabled a culture of global communication like no other. However, cancel your trip to Hogwarts, because it’s certainly not magic…

Our developers have years of experience in custom-coding html, css, javascript, and PHP. Our platform of choice is LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) – Over the last 10 years this has proven to be the most supported, most streamline way to built sites whether using open source CMS or custom builds. However, we can and do work with a variety of other technologies.

Below are some of the technical specs and services that we offer:

Web Development Tools and Ideas
  • Mobile-Responsive and Stacked Development
  • Cross Browser Support and Dynamic Coding
  • Multiple Device Support and Scripting (for testing we use cloud services such as saucelabs.com and browserstack.com)
  • HTML, HTML5, and XHTML
  • CSS and CSS3
  • Javascript and Jquery
  • PHP (custom and edits to open source framework)
  • WordPress CMS
  • Woocommerce
  • Drupal CMS
  • Joomla Open Source
  • Magento E-commerce
  • Action Scripting
  • Code Igniter
  • Ruby on Rails
  • MySQL and SQL Server
  • Linux and Windows Server Support
  • Application Programming Interface Connection (API)
  • Software Development Kits (SDK)
  • IPsec Protocol
  • htaccess security
  • Security Token