From selling your services to the right audience to being HIPAA- and ADA-compliant, healthcare marketing is multifaceted to say the least. Bonus points when healthcare marketing overlaps with nonprofit marketing. This is where the balancing act of rigid rules, ease-of-use, and warmth need to hit just the right note—for patients and for stakeholders.

The best place to start is with an internal evaluation of the services and care you provide.

What are the successes and pain points (pun intended) for both patients and team members? How would you like to shape and prioritize these as goals?

Now, let’s get to work.

NC healthcare marketing services based in Raleigh NC - Chariot
77% of health searchers online use search engines before anything else.

We take a nose-to-toes approach to healthcare marketing.

Research and planning lead the way to help us develop a strategy that:

Addresses to your patients’ and partners’ needs & concerns without overwhelming them

Empowers your staff & members with intuitive tools & training to take the reins.

Addresses accessibility concerns including ADA- and HIPAA-compliance

Employs effective web design and content strategy to meet modern needs. We’re telling the eye where to go, what to read, and the finger where to click/tap.

Plays well with other tools & platforms such as Google, email marketing platforms, CRM, payment
software, etc.

Allows implementation of strategy for Google Ads (PPC), which is especially technical and regulated within health and legal sectors. Even more so with nonprofit Google Ads Grants.

Is mobile-responsive—no exceptions. Even grandmas have smartphones now.

See how we used strategy and design to drive engagement for NC Community Health Center Association.

RHA Health Services had a wonderful experience with Chariot Creative. The rebranding and creative advice we received was first rate and a homerun with our executive team. (Chariot) held our hands every step of the way in this very complicated process of listing and describing our multiple services in three states. We could not have done it without them. We will continue our relationship with this great team. Thank you Chariot Creative!”

- Debbie Valentine, Director Marketing and Communications RHA Health Services

I’ve worked with Chariot Creative on a variety of projects at two different firms and have been completely satisfied not only with the work product, but the process as well. Talented, professional, friendly folks —a pleasure to work with.

- Bill O’Neil, Director of Outreach and Communications CPEP Assessment and Education for Physicians

Distinctive Healthcare Marketing

The best healthcare marketing solution is a custom one. No template is perfectly suited to the challenges of every organization.

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