Challenge how you think about your brand. It’s not just a couple of bright colors and a logo. Not even close. Your brand is the overall, consistent impression or image that you portray. So it ranges from color theory to your tone-of-voice and messaging. Your whole style is your brand. Your logo is the part of it that reinforces brand familiarity with audiences.

Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy is a plan that not only includes the nuts & bolts of your company’s look & feel, it includes what you’re saying and who you’re saying it to. Brand strategy should encompass research on your target audience, the successes and failures of the competition, distribution channels, and the best way to engage your target audience—from color theory to a playful tone of voice. It all counts. A strong, consistent brand leads to responsive, loyal customers who know what to expect from you. This adds value to every aspect of your business.

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Branding Research

What we offer is a concise, research-based plan for the message that you and your company put out into the world. We start by digging into the interests of your current and prospective customers. Research results and metrics on your customers may surprise you compared to what you think they want—or even what they think they want. Another part of our process is analyzing and establishing clear goals of your company’s mission, products, and services.

Any good strategy starts with questions:

Who are your customers?

Marketing Strategy for Referrals

What entices them to recommend you to others?

What do they like, and not like, about your competition?

Brand Creation

Armed with answers (knowledge is power!), we then proceed with creating your brand, working closely with you and your team along the way. Simply put, we create the right “voice” for your company.

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Implementation & Brand Guide

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Finally, we carefully integrate your new brand. From logo to email marketing or Facebook cover image, we implement your company’s new fingerprint into everything that your customers see with consistency. We can implement your new brand into an all new website and marketing materials, or we can work it into your existing media.

We can provide you with a fully-developed brand guide to keep your messaging and look tidy and concise for years to come. No guessing at what fonts to use or not-quite-right colors.

Branding is all about consistency.

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