A great content plan accounts for your audience and for Google by engaging humans and benefiting your SEO. It ranges from blogs, social media, your regular web page copy, and e-books to knowing how and why certain photo and video choices work best. It’s scheduled, it’s sensitive to human interest and to keyword research, and it’s polished. The icing on the cake is matching all that to your predetermined brand—because branding isn’t just visual.
It’s also your tone.

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Content is king. Marketers have been saying that for years.
It’s more true now than ever.

You need three things to execute a great content marketing plan.
We’ve got you covered:


Similar to a brand guide, a content guide should be the backbone of how a company or organization approaches the creation of content. This includes some explainers on:

  • How and why to optimize content on your website
  • The intersection of humans and Google
  • Which types of content get the most engagement online
  • How to choose the images and videos that will perform best statistically
  • The role of keyword research in copywriting
  • How to use various digital channels for content distribution
  • A/B testing options
  • And more!

A content guide should be the backbone of content creation.


Your individual content plan is your playbook for how to move forward with content creation that engages and converts in a scheduled, detailed manner.

  • Your brand-specific requirements to use for all materials
  • Blog topics and posting tips specific to your audience and keyword research
  • Scheduled frequency of blog posts
  • Using social media to distribute content
  • Downloadable content to capture subscribers
  • Approach tailored for niche audience: e-commerce, service, education, or nonprofit missions and donor retention
  • Calendar kick-off including 1 month plan to get you going

Your individual content plan is your playbook for how to move forward with content.


Perhaps the most undervalued service in all of marketing! Not everyone is a copywriter. Professional writers are able to do far more than edit for grammar and spelling. They create a cadence, set a tone, create feelings, answer questions you didn’t even know you had yet, all while maintaining the polish needed for your business or organization to be taken seriously. Bonus points for doing all that while considering SEO.

From a short phrase on an image to email copy to brochures and long-form blogs, content strategy and copywriting are critical to the success of all of your marketing collateral.

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Make your first impression, then convert your viewer into a customer or supporter.

Content strategy is critical to the success of your marketing collateral. Know where & how to find your audience!

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