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Pharmaceutical Biotech Case Study

Web Design + PPC for ANSA Compliance



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UX Strategy, Copywriting, Web Design, Web Development, SEO, Google Ads


Professionals in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device, or Manufacturing Industry. Employers and Job Seekers regarding Laboratory Positions.


With a 3-year-old website, ANSA now needed to speak to higher-profile clients. The focus was to breathe new life into their website with a squeaky clean and modern aesthetic, convey their new company culture, and attract new clients.



Provide copywriting, imagery, and composition that better represent their culture — the “why” — while simultaneously setting ANSA apart from their competitors.

Design and develop a website with scalable solutions and a focus on engaging the broad spectrum of potential clients.

Pharmaceutical Web Design Case Study, Raleigh NC

Google Ads Management

Using data from the Research phase, we were able to build campaigns that targeted their ideal audience based on demographics, interest groups, and geographical targets across the US.

We carefully maintain their click budget allocation across segmented campaigns in their account. Constantly capitalizing on higher-performing, lower-cost (low CPC) engagements has shown significant benefits.

New Engagement
New Clicks
Market Exposure

Research + Discovery

We collaborated with the ANSA team to gain an understanding of where they stood, but most importantly, where they wanted to go. This included prioritizing their service goals, target audience, and messaging.

After the kickoff & discovery, our team did a deeper dive into the competitor landscape. We fulfilled our brief regarding search targets, competitors, unique selling points, industry gaps, and opportunities.

Website Planning

We further laid the foundation for the project by building a Site Map, which would act as a guide for navigation, page structure, and internal linking strategy.

Next, we collaborated with ANSA on content strategy. Our copywriters and copy editors mixed a strategic tone of voice with technical vernacular to deliver compelling but accurate copy.

Web Design

With ANSA’s aspiration of helping to create compliant, safe medical and laboratory advancements that ultimately improve and maintain quality of life, we opted for emotive images that apply to the human side of the viewer, not the technical. With this, combined with targeting ADA-compliant web design, we focused the story on the end-point: humans.

Since some of the content had to be technical and robust, our team carefully planned the spacing and visual rhythm of each page to avoid overwhelming users. We strategically included visual “reprieves” to break up copy-heavy sections, and we utilized dynamic UI elements as well.


Biotech / Pharma web design case study example

Compelling Imagery + Spacing: Our goal was a clean UX with minimal visual interruptions to leave space for technically robust copy.

Web Development

With their past work being one of the most compelling selling points for potential clients, we made ANSA’s case studies a foundational part of the new website. Our team created a filterable library of case studies, with blog posts, that could easily expand as they grew.

We made editing the website easy for the ANSA team with flexible content blocks, drag & drop menu arrangement, and simple ways to add links to other pages, sites, or PDFs as needed. Further, we provided custom-created admin training videos with step-by-step guidance.