Armed with the knowledge of your company’s goals, your industry’s trends, and the needs of your target audience and customers, we construct the framework of on-screen experiences. This website planning is where your new site or web app begins to take shape.


Building the sitemap is the first step in constructing the framework of your company’s new website. Here, we unite the results of all of the previous phases of your project. We build a map that includes the site’s main pages—which should funnel traffic in an intentional way, some internal linking strategy, a guide to the navigation, and notes to help guide content creation.

The sitemap deliverable is a culmination of our SEO and industry-based research along with the short and long term goals of your company. We work with you to make any revisions you and your team see fit, and the final version is a color-coded, tree-style map of the new website. Final sitemaps normally act as a guide for page content creation, whether you are providing your own copy or having us write it for you.


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Page Map
Internal Linking Strategy
Navigation Plan
Content Strategy Notes


Your company should address the specific needs of users and customers when they arrive online. In order to do that well, we use the foundational data from previous phases to build a customer or user journey. This map helps to identify user intentions at each stage of their experience, it helps to remove obstacles that cause user frustration, and it can pinpoint optimal places for key elements in the web design. A well-formed customer journey map acts as a guide for building the web UX in the following phase. It provides data-supported guidance on where to place certain calls to action, how to build optimal website navigation, when and where to use page-flow queues, and many other elements.

A customer journey plan may not be needed for your project, however, it can certainly magnify efforts of creating an effective user experience that converts users to customers or donors.


User Flow Map
Customer Personas
Map of Touchpoints
User Confidence Stages
Potential Bounce Chart

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