70% of internet use in the US is
now mobile.

*Source: ComScore

50% of email opens are
on mobile devices.

*Source: ComScore

Digital Marketing User Statistics Infographic

A 10 second page load time has a 123% higher
bounce rate than a 1 second page load time.

*(Smart Insights 2017)

Digital marketing, also known as internet marketing, is multi-faceted. It’s also evolving at light speed.The trick is in understanding that the landscape of digital marketing is constantly and rapidly changing.

It’s our job to help you keep up with how people are shopping, sharing, researching, and interacting. Design trends, online behavior flow, popularity of particular channels, advertising tools and rules, etc. are all evolving faster than marketing has ever seen then change before. This is largely due to how we’ve changed since we started carrying tiny computers in our pockets everywhere we go.

Our goal is to educate, create, and empower businesses and organizations with effective digital marketing strategies and tools.

Digital Marketing includes:

Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing Strategy
Consistent Content Creation
Online Reviews

60% of consumers don’t know a
Google advert when they see one.

(Smart Insights 2017)

“Throughout the process – from design to development and testing Chariot Creative has delivered to a very high standard. They embraced the challenge and immersed themselves into a new industry to make sure they understood our concept, providing great advice & strategies along the way.”

– P. Patel, Plan & Wed, London, UK