Digital Marketing may technically be an umbrella term for any marketing that is done electronically, but the big picture of all that defines it is important to grasp. It ranges from your branding and website to mobile apps to electronic billboards or pay-per-click ads. Each year, more and more marketing is shifting to digital mediums. The trick is in understanding that the landscape of digital marketing is constantly and rapidly changing.

For example, social media and the corresponding apps represent one of the fastest changing areas of digital marketing. We used to get on Myspace to keep up with our long-distance friends and family. Now we use Facebook and Instagram constantly, Snapchat snippets of our lives to the world, and use dating apps to find a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

We’re plugged into the internet with so much frequency that now our online movements are logged so that behavior targeting is a real thing in the marketing world. The next time you’re on Facebook and see an ad for something that catches your eye in your feed, think about whether or not you’ve looked at something similar online before. Chances are that you have, and you did it recently. That particular ad got passed to you on purpose. And it worked.

Brands and companies have to be ready to stay current all the time. Walking the line between what’s trendy and what is authentic to your brand means staying tapped into what’s going on with your target audience. Sometimes that means learning how to choose your hashtags and images with care, sometimes it means freshening up your entire brand.

Choose your brand with a plan, present yourself with consistency from your web design to your tweets, stay on top of social platforms, SEO, and advertising opportunities. The digital marketing world is a busy place. Let us help to create the media you need for your marketing plan.