Digital marketing is more multi-facetted than ever. It’s changing faster than ever, too. We think of digital marketing like we think of “dog years”. It ages quickly. It needs maintenance and care to make all the moving parts work together, boost each other.

Why does digital marketing change so quickly?
We are on the internet more than ever, month over month, year over year. It has shaped our habits, changed our attention spans, and businesses are forced to respond with smarter software, faster response times, cleaner UX, and more pointed copy than ever before.

What is Digital Marketing? It’s the use of multiple digital channels to connect with your audience.

It’s non-stop.

It’s searching for a cafe near you but having Google Ads appear top of the list.

It’s blogging and vlogging for both humans and search engines.

It’s happening when you respond better to one type of photo over another.

It’s following you around the internet to show you a remarketing ad tomorrow for an item you looked at today.

It’s putting one extra item in your shopping cart to qualify for free shipping.

It’s the tone of voice carefully chosen in every ad, on every web page, in every social media post.


In 2016, companies spent 37.5% of their marketing budget on digital.


In 2019, companies spent 55% of budget on digital. Some niches spent far more.

The average amount companies spend on digital marketing continues to grow, year over year.

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