raleigh marketing agency case study

It was clear that we needed more data to maximize Falls Village’s impressions, and better target their demographic. We took several months to transition their focus and allow the impressions and clicks to reduce as the focus was moved to targeting people who are more likely to be interested in the services. The results were impressive. 

Once we had the engagement data we needed, we were able to improve their ads and settings. Then we saw dramatic improvements. Their click through rate (CTR) increased by 84% and Conversion rate went from 4.38% to 30.45% — an increase of 585%!


Initial 3 months of Google Ads account management.
Jan 2019 – Jan 2020, comparing year on year


We increased their web traffic by 367%, and climbing.

Marketing Agency case study showing Google Analytics
Based on avg web traffic: Sep 2018 (834 users) and May 2020 (3,900 users)

Along with our on-page SEO efforts, our Google Ads management strategy has increased web traffic to Falls Village Vet more than seven times what it was two years ago.  Not only do we continue to attract more website traffic, but the leads are proving to be more qualified than ever. Our client has seen increases in revenue, customers, calls, and online inquiries. Even today, the efficacy of their campaigns continues to improve each month as we make more enhancements based on the incoming flow of user data.

We doubled our client's investment in Google Ads with a 458% increase in conversions.

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