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Google Ads case study in Raleigh NC

Web Design + PPC for McKeon Lawn Care



McKeon Lawn Care |


Copywriting, Web Design, Web Development, SEO, Google Ads


Homeowners — 500-1m houses, mostly affluent in neighborhoods
35-75 in age. Targeting larger lots, outer radius suburban homes, 1 acre lots


Design & Development new website to convert target audience and include on-page SEO. Appeal to affluent families who may not have time to cut their own grass. Create service-segmented pages for PPC Strategy.



Provided copywriting, content strategy, and design to compel and gain the trust of affluent homeowners.

Messaging strategy was to remind homeowners and parents the time they could save by hiring McKeon; so they could “get back to what’s important.”

Design included bright, primal colors along with earth-based complimentary colors, and elements to pull users’ eyes to the calls to action.

Google Ads Management

Leveraging data from the Keyword Research along with an analysis of the demographics of McKeon’s most profitable clients, we were able to build campaigns that targeted specific locations in and around Cary and Raleigh NC.

As more data arrived, we continued to retarget and refine the demographic targets. We carefully monitored and adjusted the allocation of the click budget towards the best performing Google ads and methods.

Traffic from Ads
Paid Traffic
New Leads
Conversions Increase
Cost Per Click
Cost Per Lead Decrease
Raleigh Google Ads case study for lawn care company

Web Design

Our Discovery phase provided insight into McKeon’s present client base, and the company’s targets. The message was simple: to remind homeowners of the value of free time not having to do lawn maintenance. We leveraged family-centric images that supported the message, along with bright, clean UI elements.

We carefully built a UX that would convey trust, not only in the images we used but in the open-character fonts, spacing, rounded corner shapes, and clean, primal colors used in the web design. Incorporating testimonials, and straight-forward promises supported that goal, while we planned for a simple, responsive mobile experience.


Custom WordPress Development

We built a custom WordPress theme that included a modified CMS. This allowed our team and the staff at McKeon to easily edit any part of his website, from header to copyright, any time they needed to.

With diligent, responsive coding and QA, we presented the website to the client — they loved it, and we were soon given the approval to launch the all-new McKeon website and start the Google Ads immediately.