NCCHCA had a clear vision when they approached Chariot: To help provide North Carolina with access to patient-centered, patient-governed, competent healthcare. Being a champion for NC community health centers for years, they had longstanding memberships and great resources to offer. However, their online membership portal and management tools were outdated and lacking. They needed a central hub for their members, their events, and their jobs resources along with a new website presence with much better user experience for visitors and members.


With user experience being a main focus from the website planning phase all the way through to web development, we designed a unique user flow with a branded experience. We also custom-built tools that members and event attendees needed on the front-end, and we created admin functionality for association staff that included membership management, event registration management, job listing & applicant management, and more. From our research and open communication with NCCHCA, we included pages that answered users’ first questions as they would arrive to the site, such as the interactive locations map.

This project included:

  • Research, Discovery, Site Planning, & Web UX
  • Pixel-perfect Web Design & Collaboration
  • Hand-Coded Web Development on WordPress Admin
  • Staff Portal, Membership + Admin
  • Recurring Payment + Approvals for Members
  • Member Levels assigned to Locations
  • Job Portal, Listing + Job Application System
  • Location Map Synced with Data from Portal
  • Email Marketing Integration, Blog, Forms, etc.
  • Live Client Training & Custom Tutorial Videos


Since launching the new website and web portals, NCCHCA has been able to confidently rely on their website as a clean, brand-consistent platform for the resources they offer and the access that their members need. They have been able to manage their members more effectively, launch their own events and manage attendees, rely on the new jobs listing system along with managing applicants, and confidently send patients and colleagues to their site to find a health center location near them.

Currently, we not only maintain the web hosting and security for NCCHCA, but we continue to work with them on web application expansions and other digital marketing efforts — and we plan to continue for years to come.

Careful Research & Discovery became the foundation for a stronger brand.
Web UX, human-centric imagery, & a relatable tone of voice helped with user engagement.
Content Strategy was built around clear signals & gaps revealed during the Discovery Phase.
Member retention, support, & conversion helped to drive design & development processes.
Powerful tools ensured the client was capable of managing members and content on their own.
The Admin dashboard allowed management of event registrations, locations, job applicants, & more.

The smooth design and responsiveness has had a positive impact on our applicants. Their team is also very easy to work with.... They were able to interpret our ideas creatively and efficiently.

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