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Pharmaceutical PPC Case Study

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Patients with small cell lung cancer, triple-negative breast cancer, or bladder cancer. To include doctors and practice managers as secondary.


To build and manage Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram Ads campaigns that recruit patients with specific types of cancer for clinical trials.


Use data, both provided by the client and realized during Discovery, to target patients with specific cancers. Source and implement images that effectively engage the demographic for display, retargeting, and social ads.

Research + Discovery

Our kickoff & discovery sessions with the G1 Therapeutics team included reviewing demographic data they had gathered beforehand. First, we helped to map out a plan for messaging and imagery.

Next, we did further research including competitive metrics to set goals for impressions, clicks, and conversions for the first 6-month period. We clarified the target audiences, how to identify them, and how to reach them on both Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram.

PPC Management

Using our standard building methodology, we allowed “learning” time for the campaigns to gain traction and monitored budget allocation, lead quality, negative keywords, etc.

Once enough information was gathered, we leveraged the Ads data to implement display ads with retargeting. We were able to narrow down on the demographics on social platforms as well.

Clinical Trials Pharmaceutical PPC Case Study

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