We use strategy to meld form with function.

With each web design project, the first thing we do is LISTEN.

No one can give us a better starting point for your new website than you and your team can. We gather important details including your company’s history, your company’s mission, what passion drives you and your employees, why you started (or want to start) your company, what online marketing or campaigns does your company have in place now, and where you or your executives see your growth in the future.

We are based in Raleigh NC, but serve clients all across the US, even in the UK! So we are flexible and communicate with our clients on many platforms including in-person, screen-share, or video chat.

The Web Design Process

2017 Web Design Process

Chariot Creative worked with our company quickly and efficiently to create a new website. Their attentiveness to detail and our needs resulted in a great product that reflects all of our potential. The responsiveness to questions and requests that Chariot gives us is one of their strong suits. We look forward to working with Chariot Creative in the future!” – L. Hardee, Raleigh NC

After gathering details, our process with each website project begins with good, old-fashioned pencil and paper. We put our heads together to create a hand-crafted plan of attack and prioritize each step of the process so you’ll know exactly what to expect. Some of this process includes:

  • Examining your target audience
  • Analyzing your industry’s competition
  • Researching the latest marketing trends
  • Strengths and weakness of your current brand
  • Presentation options including things like Color psychology
  • Prioritizing each element of approach
  • Finding the most effective messaging based on research

The world of web design is evolving quickly. It’s important to know the tools that are available to you now and to leave some room to grow. Websites should showcase your brand, communicate who you are, what you offer, and also be flexible. They are the first line of your digital marketing. Fresh marketing campaigns, new WordPress functions, or social integration should be an option for your company at any stage.

Keeping the “communication” in Communication Arts

Not to worry! Prompt communication is part of our magic! We realize that you need to be a big part of any web design project as it moves along. Keeping clients tightly ‘in the loop’ is part of our job and what has made us successful thus far. Your company’s largest asset is usually time, and you should never have to spend it chasing down a web designer for updates on your website. This is why choosing a great web designer is so important.

Whether you need content management, an e-commerce website, mobile website design, or just a custom blog site, we’d love to hear from you! Combining creativity with technology allows us to offer purpose-driven solutions that will drive your brand home and get results.

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