Digital marketing is more than pretty design and HTML. It’s multi-faceted. Our job is to listen to your company’s goals, help make informed decisions, and create everything you need for your team and your business to thrive.


Our Discovery process begins with a very simple first step: We Listen.

No one knows your company’s marketing goals, challenges, and mission better than you and your team. So we get acquainted with your business, your industry, your current standings vs your goals, and how you envision getting to those goals.

Knowledge is power, and arming ourselves in the very beginning enables us to build a strong, stable foundation to support your brand and all future marketing efforts, whether by us or from your internal team later on. We become a true partner to our clients – this means we have to truly understand your past and present before helping to shape your future.

Raleigh Marketing Agency Strategy & Discovery by Chariot


Initial Team Consult
Kickoff Client Worksheet
Review Scope & Timeline
Gather Project Assets


As an important follow up to Discovery, we kickoff our Research phase to find unique insights into your company’s position using our adept research tools. One of many keys to building a pivotal marketing strategy is uncovering insights that your competitors may have overlooked. In addition, we gain valuable acuity into what your target customers are looking for and exactly how they look for it.

Using reliable data paired with our formulaic approach, we are able to complete the foundation portions of your project. We wrap up our Analysis efforts armed with potent information pertaining to organic SEO, paid search and PPC, your competitors, industry trends, along with behavior and engagement queues from your target audience.

Marketing Research by Chariot design agency in Raleigh NC


SEO / SEM Research
Competitor & Industry Research
Analysis / Brand Study
User Surveys / Interviews

See How Research & Strategy Drove the Web Design Process

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