Even before COVID-19, ecommerce had already become a $601.75 billion industry in the U.S. in 2019. That was up nearly 15% from 2018. Just imagine 2020 tallies.

E-commerce has been massive for years. Social distancing made it much harder to run a business of any sort without e-commerce functionality, and everyone is pretty certain that the industry is permanently altered. Even restaurants and grocery stores are forced to present online ordering options to stay afloat in our new world right now, but it’s not likely that as people have gotten used to these options that everything will ever go completely back to before.

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Ecommerce marketing combines precise development, fresh UX (user experience), strategic emails and PPC.

To do e-commerce well, the freebie platform options out there just don’t offer every customization that will fill all your needs. You have to think about this from inventory management and user interactions (UI) all the way to optimizing for Google search and promo code management and points-of-sale (POS). E-commerce is complex when done right, but the right tools fit together like a neat jigsaw puzzle to make one, cohesive system for your everyday use.
Our Web Development for E-commerce is custom to YOU and your needs.

Price bundling, security, unique shipping parameters. You’re covered.

Whether you prefer to use an existing piece of software as the backbone for your custom online store or you need a top-to-bottom, hand-coded, unique piece of software that is all your own, we can deliver. We especially love building e-commerce websites with a WordPress foundation so that you still have an easy-to-use CMS to make all your daily updates to your website.

Intuitive design is also a huge component of good e-commerce, as is the content strategy around your marketing. The final step is to take particular items and feature them in Google Shopping.

Did You Know?

Paid ads (PPC) in Google Shopping consistently outperform organic listings?

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