Marketing and Branding Process - we listen

We Listen

Our first, and often best, resource for any marketing, branding, or web design project is YOU.

We are here to listen. We want to hear it all: your ideas, your company’s history and goals, how you identify with your customers, stories from you and your team, other websites that you like, your accountant’s ideas for the homepage slider – first we are here to learn more about your company and industry. Sure, we could speak for days on marketing, our experience, and things like cross-channel promotion to segmented demographics… but any great structure begins with the right foundation.


We Research

With sleeves rolled up, we dig into your industry, your brand, and the possibilities. By researching important elements like your target audience, brand loyalty, your competitors, customer engagement, calls to action, your company’s history, and social channels, we pave the way for a powerful marketing and design strategy.

Plan to Fail Ben Franklin

We Plan

Ben Franklin said it best: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
We develop a plan for your new website, brand, or marketing campaign that is customized and will include a number of elements. Depending on the scope of your project, expect to see anything from content strategy and social media plans to site maps, wire-frames, and e-blast campaigns.

We Create your website or marketing

We Create Great Web Design
We start any design process with the best tools available: Pencil & Paper.
Our method of creating original design mock-ups for each step in the process allows you and your team to be a part of the design process. Thinking “outside the box” is great; however, real-world design almost always involves a “box,” whether it’s based on target audience, global perception, or budget. We work hard to bring ideas to life that are both logical and beautiful.

Web Design and Marketing - We Get You Involved

We Keep You Involved

Our client review process allows you and your team to get involved and stay involved with each phase. We provide you with the knowledge and resources to be an integral part of making decisions along the way. From concept to completion, you and your team will be able to ask questions, suggest, tweak, and approve throughout the journey.

We Develop Clean Effective Websites

We Develop

Whether viewing from a desktop or smart phone, we strive for flawless design and ultra-engaging user experiences. Our developers take pride in creating clean, W3C-compliant code, and making sure there are no hiccups for your customers’ online experience. We have nearly a decade of experience in mobile-responsive web design and we can implement onto any platform from WordPress CMS to custom PHP or HTML. Let’s face it, the nuts and bolts of your digital marketing are often just as important as your entire message. They do say: Presentation is Everything.

We Test each website for quality and experience

We Test & Collaborate

It’s all about the test drive! After our own quality assurance and testing process, you’ll get to fully test any website or campaign work that we do before going live. For websites, we provide a full working model of your new site on a private URL (link) sent only to you or via a private access login. You and your team will be able to navigate all parts of your site and request any final tweaks before launch.

We Launch Your New Website

We Launch

Launch day is an exciting day for all of our clients. You’ve had enough to deal with all of the research, planning, and decision-making! It’s our job to worry about the nerdy things like site maps, new crawl requests, php version, 301 redirects, and DNS propagation.

We Promote Your Brand and Website, SEO and more

We Promote

We’ve worked with you on your brand and design, done the development and testing, and tended to the nerdy details so you don’t even have to think about them. Your company’s new site or branding is LIVE! The next step is to be sure people know about it! We offer both on-page and external SEO services that include important elements of any company’s digital presence such as keyword research, ranking reports, site crawl audit reports, site content (page and blog content), social media, e-mail marketing, multi-channel campaigns, and analytics.

Be sure to check out samples of our work, or click below and let’s get started…