Nonprofit Web Design & Marketing

Nonprofit marketing is about story-telling and smooth user-experiences. Your organization needs branding, web design, and essential elements that are fresh and mobile-responsive.

Nonprofits matter.

It would be impossible to quantify all that great nonprofits accomplish across the globe. With such critical work to be done, effective tools are mandatory, and your organization’s branding, nonprofit web design, and other marketing elements have to follow the statistics.

Charitable Nonprofit giving in the US is by individual donors

72% of charitable giving in the US is
by individual donors.

20% of giving is by
foundations & corporations.

*Source: Giving USA

70% of internet use in the US is
now mobile.

*Source: ComScore

50% of email opens are
on mobile devices.

*Source: ComScore

Discounted Nonprofit Web Design

*All 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations qualify for a 15% discount of website design services.
Discount maximum of $1500 per organization.

Nonprofit Marketing for Mobile

Mobile usage affects everything from the importance of load-speed of websites to the curation of content. Mobile  has changed the habits of internet users dramatically. As marketers, we have to respond with a website UX (user-experience) is that strategic and modern.

  • The approach to nonprofit digital marketing should be tailored to suit unique needs, to strike a specific chord.
  • Nonprofits need to create a feeling, convey goals, relate to both the benefiting parties AND the source of support, whether that is public donations, membership dues, or federal grants.
  • The “sell” often requires an element of education and/or tugging at heartstrings depending on the cause.
  • Nonprofit web design, brochures, branding, or e-newsletters should go a long way toward accomplishing that while remaining tailored and current.

Nonprofit marketing is about people, places, and telling their stories.