Nonprofit Web Design and Marketing

Nonprofit organizations matter.

We believe this whole-heartedly. It would be impossible to quantify all that great nonprofits accomplish across the globe. With such critical work to be done, effective tools are mandatory, and your organization’s branding, nonprofit web design and development, and other marketing elements are essential. They get your target audience to find you, interact, and support your efforts by making the right first impression and following that up with a smooth experience that encourages them to return to help you with donor retention.

We can help! When it comes to the digital and print tools needed to make all that planning and passion come together, we’ve got the experience, and we’ve got your back! Here are a few of our recent nonprofit web design examples: NC Strawberry Association, Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue, & Clinical Nurse Leader Association (CNLA).

Nonprofit Web Design Nonprofit Marketing Logo DesignWe offer a 15% discount for all nonprofits on branding, web design, and web development services!*

We understand from our own time volunteering with various organizations that the recipe for nonprofit success goes something like this:

  • 1 part Passion
  • 2 parts Strategic Planning
  • 1 part Teamwork
  • 1 part Blood, Sweat, & Tears, blended

The needs of a nonprofit are unique in many ways, and so the approach needs to be tailored to suit those needs. All businesses and organizations need a great brand, but the message that it conveys has to strike a specific chord. Let’s face it, you aren’t as likely to be trying to sell an item in a flash sale or convince a corporate executive why they should hire your firm. Nonprofits need to create a feeling, convey goals, relate to both the benefiting parties AND the source of support, whether that is public donations, membership dues, or federal grants. The “sell” is softer, often requires an element of education, and sometimes it’s much more urgent than a typical business need, too. Nonprofit web design, brochures, branding, or newsletters should go a long way toward accomplishing that and also allow for updates to keep the messaging tailored and current.

Chariot Creative believes in philanthropy. Our own values are to be honest, give back, and to “do good”, so we are proud to offer a discount to work with nonprofits on the good they do.

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(*15% nonprofit discount is has a maximum value of $3,000 of donated services per project.)