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PPC (pay-per-click) puts your online presence directly in front of potential customers while they are actively searching for products or services that you offer. With some planning, the placements of Google Ads can even outrank the placement of organic search results. Statistically, the top items on a page get clicked far more often than lower placements. This is automatic lead generation.

We refine and optimize both paid and Google Ads Grant campaigns (for nonprofits) to ensure this channel of your digital marketing delivers leads to your business or organization. We also provide Facebook and Instagram ads management.

Raleigh Google Ads Management Company, Google Search Infographic
Google receives over 63,000 searches on any given day. (Source)

People who click on ads are 50% more likely to make a purchase.
90% of consumers say ads influence their purchase decisions.

- 2019 statistics,

Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram + LinkedIn Management

Ads management seems simple: Create ad copy and/or graphics. Point it to your website home page. Enter your credit card information. Clicks, clicks, and more clicks. If only it were that easy. Conversion-based creation and optimization of any PPC campaign comes with many factors to plan for including:

Raleigh NC Google Ads PPC Management

  • Market research & competitor analysis
  • Setting up appropriate analytics tracking tools
  • Keyword research and grouping
  • Landing page creation or editing
  • Copywriting
  • Target audience curation
  • Choosing the type(s) of ads to be utilized (there are several with varying benefits and applications)
  • A/B testing
  • Refine, test, repeat. Endlessly.

By carefully evaluating traffic performance and using those metrics to refine your CPC (cost-per-click) and allocate your click budget thoughtfully, we help to ensure ads only appear to potential customers when they are interested in your products and services. If you’re just getting started, we can help to recommend a monthly click budget—payable directly to the platform you’re advertising on, not us—that will give you the biggest bang for your buck within your industry niche, keyword portfolio, and desired geographical reach.

Ongoing Ads Optimization & Reporting (Billed Monthly)

We offer monthly Google Ads and PPC optimization plans that include ongoing updates and monitoring of every aspect of your campaigns. We help to drive your online presence and branding by combining the best keywords, ad message, and landing page experience while following best practices as we aim for the absolute best return on your investment. Our monthly Google Ads & PPC services include a custom report sent to you each month detailing the latest metrics on your traffic, what’s been done, and why.


Raleigh Google Ads PPC Management

Audience Retargeting

When done correctly, strategic retargeting can be a big win. Even for non-converting traffic (users who leave your site without taking action or signing up), we can continue to promote your company with the use of retargeting ads. This is useful for services or e-commerce when people tend to shop around before making a decision.

Google Ads Grant Management

$10,000 Per Month Google Ads Grants for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations with 501(c)(3) status can apply for and receive a Google Ads Grant worth up to $10k/mo of click budget compliments of Google. You get free clicks! Grant campaigns do come with some requirements that must be met each month that paid campaigns do not. This makes them a bit fussier to manage.

  • Maintain a minimum CTR (click-through-rate) which requires constant optimization. Failure to meet minimum CTR for two consecutive months results in suspension of the account.
  • Utilize geo-targeting
  • Utilize minimum number of ad groups, ads, and ad extensions
  • Maintain “mission-based” ad copy and keywords

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