Front End


Chariot is in search of a front end developer to add to our team. Skill set and experience do matter; however, what matters MORE to us is a person’s work ethic, accountability, professionalism, and perseverance.
We are looking for a front-end developer who has solid design skills. Though we would not need full design/concept work, the ideal developer will be able to build/update site pages (css, html, js) while making the right design decisions in regards to color, spacing, fonts, etc. to keep the clients’ branding consistent, to match other pages, and to maintain a clean layout. A developer with at least some background in design or UX would be the perfect fit.
Ideal skill set includes:
  • CSS, CSS3 (very, very proficient)
  • Javascript
  • Experience with WordPress
  • Experience with Drupal a plus
  • PHP not required but could be a plus
  • Photoshop
  • Need to be able to hand-code websites from scratch (in your sleep, while blind-folded, and juggling fire sticks… we will test you on this! Ok, maybe not, but you get the point, right?)
  • Ideal developer will be familiar with bootstrap and working with existing themes/templates, however, NOT be dependent on them.
  • Experience with mobile-responsive and mobile-adaptive html and css
  • Experience with cross-browser testing and fixes
  • Experience analyzing pre-built sites and fixing issues (this includes custom-built CMS’ where we may only have access to the css and cannot edit the html framework)
Requests will be of varying sizes from full website development from approved mock-ups, additions to existing websites, and styling additions that are already there. The goal is create a solid working relationship with the right person. For the ideal developer, the amount of work will be commensurate with efficiency; the more productive and efficient you are, the more accounts and projects we’ll put you on.
Please be honest and upfront about your qualities regarding these values. We need someone who has:
We take deadlines and promises, both to our clients and each other, very, very seriously. Therefore, we need someone who instinctually places high value on doing what they agreed to by the time they agreed to do it, all while keeping good communication.
There will be struggles, obstacles, and head-scratchers (as with any industry), and we need someone who will stick with the problem until it’s figured out. In our experience, the best skills emerge from real-world accomplishments and sticking with a problem until it’s figured out. Whether it be searching online for a solution, researching on GitHub, forums, css-tricks, viewing source code, etc., we need someone willing to dig their heels in and get it done… then archive that knowledge (and code) for the next time around.
We have a culture of being a tight-knit team with a several lines of communication going everyday / every week. We need someone who is familiar with project management updates or milestones throughout the project scope, and is a natural and professional communicator.
– Position is contract (hourly) to start, with likelihood of it turning into FT or PT work.
– We need normal business hour availability, ~8am-5pm, M-F.
– Work from home OK. For the most part, we will need someone who is ready and quickly responsive during business hours.

To be considered, please send us:
  • Links to your work
  • Résumé or CV
  • Preferred hourly rate / pay history
  • Any pertinent info about yourself or your experience

Let’s talk.