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After helping them to establish a new brand for Community Based Care (CBC), they remained with Chariot to create a secondary brand for their Home Care sector. We worked with CBC to carefully navigate their newly acquired brands and locations within the home care industry while including consistency with their current standing brand.

The challenge was multi-faceted. With a very different target audience, we would need to craft a way to resonate back to parts of their main CBC logo, while presenting a secondary brand that was fresh, clean, and warm while still being consistent.


We worked through concepts that leveraged popular icons around home, comfort, and well-being. The considered approaches included shape, style, and most of all color. Their iconic blue palette in the original CBC branding was strong. In order to depart from those colors with the Home Care logo, we needed to do it strategically.

After a few rounds and a few whiteboarding sessions, we had a solid direction! We could purposely introduce a new, vibrant color while relying on a similar shape to the map marker icon realized in the main logo. We quickly go to work on a new brand guide and ways to use this vibrant color for calls-to-action and content silos on the new website.


Branding & Logo Design Example - CB HomeCare


health care web design example page


Healthcare Location Web Design

Raleigh NC Healthcare Web Design Sample by Chariot
web design research & discovery process at Chariot
Research & Discovery revealed challenges of patients and care takers.
The Site Map helped to organize and solidify the content strategy.
Web UX Design used warm images and helpful infographics to keep users engaged.
The Find Locations Map offered an easy way to find CBC's agency locations.
The Staff Portal offers a platform for employees to access files, events, and more.
The Admin Dashboard empowers CBC staff to edit and create new content as needed.

Throughout the process, from design to development and testing, Chariot Creative has delivered to a very high standard. They embraced the challenge and immersed themselves into a new industry to make sure they understood our concept, providing great advice & strategies along the way. We hope to continue working with Chariot Creative as we continue to grow and could not recommend them highly enough.

- Director of Nonprofit Client
Healthcare Marketing

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