Nonprofits Need Web Design Love Too!

By October 4, 2016blog

Nonprofit Web DesignWhen it comes to digital marketing, nonprofit organizations need all the same tools as any for-profit business – from impactful branding and a customized, engaging website to a well-composed design that follows market trends and makes a stellar first impression.

A recent example of a nonprofit web design project is the website we just wrapped up for the NC Strawberry Association. This project included a branding facelift along with an e-commerce, mobile-responsive membership website. Some of the functionality of their new site includes a custom-built farm locator map, full membership management with automatically recurring payments, event registration, and an option for members to purchase print ad space and upload their ads.

Another example: Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue  BRBR is a nonprofit consisting of a team of volunteers who rescue and foster boxer dogs in NC, SC, and parts of VA, reached out to us in need of a digital face lift that included stronger branding, fresher website design, and mobile responsive web development. To keep up with modern digital marketing, BRBR needed to update their form and improve their function. Throw in a need for new website hosting, and Chariot Creative was able to be a true “one stop shop!”

BRBR has high standards for the care of their dogs. This includes foster homes as opposed to kennels and complete veterinary care from nose to tail, inside and out, regardless of age or health problems. That really sets them apart from many other animals rescues. We needed to be sure to convey that commitment in a polished, professional new experience. First impressions are made within just the first few seconds of seeing something new. Those seconds often determine whether or not a viewer will want to continue looking at a website at all. They are critical to the success of any business or organization, but the importance is even more vital when you consider that in this case the viewers are prospective donors for help with medical bills and future volunteers to pull dogs out of shelters before they are euthanized due to over-crowding. The people who view this website are potential life-savers.

raleigh mobile responsive web design for nonprofit charity

With about 65% of website views happening on mobile devices, mobile responsiveness has become mandatory.

The rescue’s volunteers also needed a reliable platform to simplify the process of making daily edits and updates to their website. With frequent new events and dogs to list on the site, BRBR needed to get onto a WordPress platform for it’s ease-of-use and wide range of support and plug-ins that are available.

With all those needs in mind, we went to work creating a bright and engaging design concept that uses images to “tell the story”. We provided much of the photography on the site to really emphasize what the cause is all about: lives in need. Our favorite is the “Adoption” page, which features a large photo we took of a boxer that BRBR rescued several years ago when he had been hit by a car and needed emergency surgery to amputate a leg. Scroll down a bit, and see him with his adopter in another photo. We felt it important to really show the “happily ever after” that reputable rescues can provide.

Check out Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue, and let us know what you think! Did we mention we have a soft spot for nonprofits?

nonprofit web design for NC, SC, and VA organization

Good design means merging composition and feeling or tone to create a page that will engage and stay with the viewer.