What is Mobile Responsive Web Design?

Mobile Responsive Website DesignResponsive web design is a method of website development that is formatted to automatically adjust to any screen width, on-the-fly. These auto-adjustments maintain an easily-readable display for the user if they’re viewing your website from a smartphone or tablet. Since there is limited space on smaller screens, a mobile-responsive site will dynamically adjust to save space on the screen regarding content and navigation. For example, you may see side-by-side elements on a web page appear stacked on a mobile screen. You may also notice that the navigation menu re-formats itself to appear as a smaller, expandable box at the top right or top left of the mobile screen.

The site you’re currently on is mobile responsive, so if you view it on any mobile device you’ll notice some changes. Another way to test this and see it work is to manually drag the width of your browser window in and watch it automatically adjust. Fun, right?!

Mobile Usage




In today’s world, mobile usage is on the rise fast. Having a mobile responsive website has changed from a luxury into a necessity over the last several years. Any business, these days, with an online presence can no longer afford to ignore mobile audiences.

Contact us about building a new mobile-responsive website or if you’d like to add mobile responsiveness to your existing website. It may be easier than you think!