post-img-raleighRaleigh. We dig it.

We dig Raleigh’s metro area so much that we started a business here because we had faith that all of its moving parts, artsy people, entrepreneurial spirit, and craft coffee would continue to be the recipe for growth. Let’s be honest. The coffee is the kicker. (We rely heavily on Counter Culture Coffee to prime the creativity pump each morning. Yeah, they’re in Durham, but that’s part of our greater Raleigh metro area, right?)

If you Googled Raleigh, you’d find a number of dry facts about it: it was established in 1792, the city got its name from Sir Walter Raleigh, it’s known as the City of Oaks, biopharm…housing…. You can read how Raleigh holds much esteem with its history, its museums, the NC Symphony, and monuments. Maybe even some not-so-dry facts that you didn’t expect – Krispy Kreme run, anyone? What you may not see on the interwebs or on the first glance of your nifty mobile news feed, is the growth of original, “organic” if you will, design and culture. Sure, culture can be thought of as creative murals painted on re-purposed buildings seen as you head south on Capital and indy bands playing at Kings in downtown or at Lincoln Theatre, but there’s a rise of creativity in another part of our city, and it’s sparked by innovative 20- and 30-somethings. I’m referring to a beautiful marriage of business and craft that is producing top-notch coffee and beer, as well as new enthusiasts for them, and business is thriving.

IMG_3741The national trends of “craft”, “local”, and “fair trade” and a leaner and more authentic creative shift for new businesses paired with good, clean design for their work spaces and marketing are making magic happen. Craftsmanship meets design meets culture. Just check out our personal favorite, Jubala, in North Raleigh or Cafe de los Muertos downtown. It’s all in the details – the beans, the brew ratios, the artistic flare. And how cool is Crank Arm Brewing’s bicycle-themed space for serving up their tasty creations?

While sipping the nectars of the gods, consider where you are. Raleigh. This is where culture is shifting back into something personal and authentic. This is where great design is born and “artisan” is more than just a trendy word. This is where a little dream can be cultivated into a thriving reality with the help of creativity and hard work.

Business is good here.