Membership Websites: Beauty and the Beast

By February 2, 2016blog

Find the Beauty within the Beast of your Membership Website

So you need a big, burly beast of a website that can drive membership and all its requirements and perks for your organization flawlessly? It must be able to process recurring payments, have private member login, interactive member profiles, customized templated email notifications, push notifications to admins, full member management showing status and recent engagement, reports, import and export options, and dynamic members-only pages. Members must be added to the e-newsletter distribution list, see your social media feeds for up-to-the-minute updates, easily share blogs and social posts directly from the website, and never feel overwhelmed at navigating all of it. On the contrary, all that function should still be welcoming!

The Catch: Turning the Beast into a Beauty

Having a feature-packed, ultra-functional monster of website provides you and your members with all the tools you need. However, function doesn’t go far without form.  No matter what’s behind the curtain, you still need a polished, professional reflection of your brand for every step of the process. For all that muscle, you still need to captivate your target audience with impactful messaging, engaging imagery, and a brand appeal that drives signups and leads to the right calls to action. Your website will need to convey the value of membership and provide a user-friendly, intuitive way to signup and for members to manage their accounts. Clean web design and solid development have the ability to create a thing of beauty here.

We’ve helped clients create successful membership CMS websites and watched them grow. As with many process-based systems out there, automation may not seem imperative at the start, but it quickly pays for itself once the sign-ups start rolling in and revenue grows. For our larger, established clients, we often replace their out-dated membership management systems and CMS set-ups with a much easier-to-use CMS platform (normally, WordPress with custom PHP) that is cloud-based. Then we always provide customized PDF tutorials to our clients with screenshots and step-by-step instructions on how to edit all aspects of membership management and site content. After all, what’s the point of investing in something you can’t control?

Our latest example is a recently-launched CMS membership website for a nonprofit: Clinical Nurse Leader Association – CNLA reached out to Chariot Creative in need of a site re-design that maintained their original brand, development, and a more intuitive member management system to better manage the memberships of hundreds of medical professionals across the country. After the site planning and web design phase, we were able to custom-develop a theme and use WordPress CMS framework which made site edits a breeze for the client. We implemented robust membership management framework with more than enough features for CNLA staff and their members. See below for a glimpse into their admin and just how easy membership management can be when you are working with the right tools. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all.

Membership Website Management Panel Example

CMS Website Design Member Management Panel


Push Notifications for Admins

Admin Push Notifications for Membership Website Development Raleigh NC

Multiple Membership Levels with Bundle Options

Multiple Membership Levels

E-commerce Payment Options and Email Templates

E-commerce Membership Payment OptionsMembership Email Options

Member Profiles

Member Profile DetailsWebsite Membership Profile Options

Protected Members-Only Pages

Members Only Pages Raleigh Web Design

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