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By January 13, 2016blog

52 Places You’re Going Because of this Trend


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Engagement in web design starts with how much impact you can make with imagery and your messaging.

Good mobile design and attention to trends will grab you. If you live anywhere in this country that isn’t under a rock you’ve probably seen a link somewhere for the NY Times article “52 Places to Go in 2016.” You might even be packing for your trip to Coral Bay or Bordeaux.

Whether viewing from your mobile device or your desktop, it made an impression. You’ve seen it. Your brain is now in vacation mode. Your credit card already has a balance, you’re researching French wines to try, and now you are wondering if you should’ve booked a flight to Park City first since snow has an expiration date. Wait. How did all that happen so fast?


Strong imagery and attention to trends – that’s how. And you probably clicked “share” or “retweet” or found it because someone else did.

Striking, full-page photos and videos that scroll down to simple and clean text, then scroll to the next equally attention-grabbing image. It isn’t complicated or busy, it isn’t even very wordy, but it says a LOT. This is a perfect example of how web design and content strategy are changing. The impact of simple, beautiful mobile responsive web design is gaining momentum, and it shows.

Web Design Raleigh Mobile Usage Percentages in 2015

Mobile Responsive Web Design – Why it’s more important than ever.

Gone are the days of clicking a forward arrow for each new image or slide. Current estimates state that 80% of all internet-using adults now own a smart phone. Nearly 50% own a tablet, and about 65% of the time that they look at something online, it’s on one of their mobile devices. That translates into smaller screens and LOTS of loose finger swipes as opposed to precise clicks.

A mobile-responsive website design that has large images will display in an eye-catching way no matter the size of the viewing device. And since people are likely standing in line waiting for their latte while they are viewing, they are swiping repeatedly on the same page to scroll and browse – to inadvertently gauge their interest in a more thorough read. The ease of use matters. Several years ago it wasn’t considered good strategy to build a web site that required a lot of scrolling to get to the important content. Now, the massive use of mobile devices has turned that on its head.

And since so many of the thousands of views of the “52 Places…” article were done on mobile devices, they were also likely done on social apps. One tap by someone else and it appeared in your feed. One tap by you and then it appeared in dozens or hundreds of others.

Simple. Effective.



Web design and development must follow trends in how content is viewed. This could result in an impulsive trip to Bordeaux.