Glossary of Marketing Terms

Knowledge is Power!

  •  A/B Testing: An experiment to track conversion a Version A and Version B of a landing page or ad to determine which is most effective.
  • Above the Fold: The upper portion of a web page that is viewable without scrolling. This is a reference to the upper half of the front page of a newspaper, typically folded with the headline and attention grabbing image on display.
  • Analytics: The collection of data and insights as they pertain to website traffic.
  • Branding: At its most basic, it’s the name, symbol or logo design associated with a particular company or product. Effective branding encompasses much more, utilizing design and content to create a particular experience that people associate with your company or product.
  • Bounce rate: The percentage of people who do not view any pages on your website beyond the one they landed on, most often the homepage.
  • Call to Action: Sometimes abbreviated as CTA; This is what you want your viewer or customer to do, usually a button to click (the action) that is presented in a clear way.
  • CMS: Content Management System such as WordPress, Joomla, etc. CMS’ are website platforms with backends that are build for the layman to be able to manage website content without having to know HTML code.
  • Content Marketing: The emphasis of editorial content to achieve a marketing goal – to build trust, offer value, etc.
  • Content Strategy: The overall plan for the focus and delivery of what you will present to your customers and how it will be presented. Good content strategy incorporates target persona data or demographic research, their needs and interests, along with a business objective.
  • Conversion: The completed goal of a web page or ad. For example, if your goal was to get someone to fill out a form or click on a link, and they did, then you have a successful conversion.
  • CPC: Cost-Per-Click. The is the cost to you each time a person clicks on a PPC ad.
  • CRO: Conversion Rate Optimization. The ongoing act of tweaking and improving your web pages, emails, and ads to improve conversion rates.
  • CTR: Click-Through Rate. This is the number of people who click on ads or links in emails or web pages.
  • Keywords: The words or phrases that describe the content or purpose of a web page or website.
  • Persona: A representation of your target audience based on marketing research and your existing customer base.
  • PPC: Pay-Per-Click. A type of internet ad that only charges you when a person clicks on your ad. ex: Google AdWords
  • Mobile Optimization: The act of customizing or improving a web page or website for the best performance on mobile devices. This can include web design, styling, and curating content in order to improve the overall experience on mobile devices.
  • Mobile-Responsive: A website that has been developed to automatically adjust to the size of the device a person is viewing the site from. This can be a component of Mobile Optimization.
  • Remarketing: Marketing to people/leads who have already expressed an interest in your service or product. Leads are generally obtained by automated means such as IP tracking, browser cookies, and more.
  • SEM: Search Engine Marketing. The tactic of buying listings/ads on search engines. See PPC.
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization. This is the ongoing pursuit of high rankings on search engines like Google or Bing.
  • SMM: Social Media Marketing. The creation, targeting, and posting of content on social media platforms with the intent of driving traffic to your website, increasing visibility, etc.
  • SSL Certificate: SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. Having an SSL Certificate for your website creates a secure connection between the website your are visiting and your browser. Once installed correctly, a protected website will display “https” (as opposed to “http”) and usually show a grey or green lock icon. We highly recommend SSL’s for all websites, not only sites that accept private or payment information. Google now gives ranking priority to secure sites. more >
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