We seek an organized, motivated, accountable, patient, resourceful, awesome! Project Coordinator. The ideal candidate is a fan of dogs, great coffee, well-placed emojis, and the Oxford comma — if the latter doesn’t apply, we’ll try not to hold it against you.

If you are someone who can confidently and efficiently manage client projects, from macro to micro, then we’d love to hear from you. The ideal person would be efficient and comfortable with the following:

  • Being the main point of contact for our clients, providing a professional, warm voice to clients
  • Guiding clients through the process, website training, leading meetings, etc.
  • Extracting insight from clients that positions each project for success
  • Building and managing project timelines, keeping our team on track
  • Strategically overlapping schedules to best utilize work time vs client deadlines
  • Recognizing and implementing improvements to an already existing process.

Ideal candidate attributes:

  • Experience in Project Coordination is required. Marketing/Agency experience is preferred but not required.
  • Experienced in an agency or similar setting managing detailed projects, coordinating teams & vendors, client communication, building briefs, etc.
  • Must be able to work independently and honestly
  • Naturally organized, motivated person with stellar problem-solving skills
  • Humble, positive mindset; open to new challenges
  • Great at empathetic communication and translating complex topics in a comprehensible way
  • Comfortable juggling many tasks, requests, challenges, emails, calls, and communication streams each day
  • Clear and precise communicator, both written and verbal
  • Comfortable leading a meeting
  • Experience working with online project management tools/apps, shared documents such as Google drive (docs, sheets)

List of Main Job Duties:

  • Coordinate projects and their many details and due dates between clients and the internal team — ensure all deadlines are met.
  • Work directly with clients to build insightful, flawless briefs to support all aspects of project: E.g. research, discovery, writing, design, development, SEO, technical assets, QA, launch, etc.
  • Liaise with outside vendors to ensure timely deliverables that fulfill needs
  • Support Clients (customer service) – be the point person as a representative of Chariot to clients to answer questions and relay requests.
  • Create and manage project schedules to ensure that all milestones and due dates are met both internally and with clients.
  • Plan stages of website projects and create basic deliverables for clients such as content outlines, simple forms, and rough website structure.
  • Gather and create work estimates for clients, get estimates approved, then translate and schedule approved projects to the team’s pipeline.
  • Create and share reports, documents, and analyses with clients based on templates provided.
  • Help to proof internal Chariot work (e.g. from designers and developers) for mistakes or omissions before sending to clients.
  • Read, record, and relay client feedback and changes to designers and developers. This includes project phase approvals, design changes, development requests, etc. that should be done via email, app, phone, and/or chat.
  • Lead video and phone call meetings (biz casual) with clients and with team. E.g. Weekly team calls, Client Kickoffs, Design reviews, Development reviews, etc.
  • Help with light content implementation ocassionally and/or make minor website updates.
  • Gather, proof, sometimes create, and send out reports to clients each month.
  • Follow up and train clients over the phone via a live screen-share on how to use their website’s dashboard. If you’ve read this thoroughly, be sure to include your favorite color to let us know that you did.
  • Record and create on-screen, video walk-through instructions for the client on how to use their new website, web app, or dashboard.
  • Attend and take notes for weekly team calls, client conference calls, and email correspondence.

Position Details:

  • Full-time Position
  • 100% remote or work-from-home position

Of course, since COVID-19, in-person client meetings and/or team lunch/team-building meetings have come to a halt. However, we hope to get back to these. Prior to COVID these were, on average, a few times per year in the RDU area.

We honor and celebrate diversity at Chariot. We are dedicated to maintaining an inclusive environment for all employees. From experience, we know that our culture of acceptance fosters a more fulfilling work environment and more confident, productive team members.


Tell us about yourself. Are you a type A (-)? Type B+(?) Type D? Introvert? Extravert? If you know your Myers-Briggs profile, we’d love to see it!

Let’s talk.


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