Custom WordPress CMS – How to Create Magic

By March 24, 2016blog

WordPress is perhaps the world’s most well-known open-source Content Management System, or CMS. It has changed the way millions of websites are created and driven by creating a user-friendly platform for a wide variety of applications and experience levels with back end management. Sure, you can create an account and then pick from a long list of themes, type in your business name, upload some pictures, and POOF!  You have a website. Technically. The catch is that when you do that, what you get is basically just a place holder site that looks like everyone else who chose the same theme. They are also not optimized for even basic SEO, meaning Google isn’t likely to see your website as being important enough to rank well when potential customers or readers search certain keywords or phrases. Then there are all the tools and features you need to know how to integrate.

Custom WordPress is where magic REALLY happens.

After working with a graphic design professional to create your brand, the next step is to translate that into a web design that strikes all the right chords for effective and current marketing trends. The sky is the limit, keeping in mind that great design must also have great composition, color theory, typography, key content, striking and relevant images, and it all has to then be reconfigured for how you want it to appear on mobile devices all while allowing room for the tools your company needs. Taking all that carefully planned design and translating it into a CMS platform, utilizing various plug-ins, or creating custom PHP to rev up the powerful features you need for your business – that is what is “customized” about the new WordPress website.

Custom WordPress CMS is user-friendly, unique, and powerful.

Customized WordPress is like magic! Okay, not really. But it gives you a strong site that is as impressive as it is unique. Like the Amazing Mumford from Sesame Street.

A good web developer knows how to build all this from scratch but can use the WordPress backbone instead to benefit the client. Why? The client might not have much HMTL knowledge to apply to site updates or has various people within a company who need to be able to use the back end of the site regularly. It should be built with a strong foundation so that its easy to revamp, clean up, apply SEO tactics, etc. in the future, as well. It is tweaked and built upon using a precise blend of strategy and nerd magic, then finally, as the Amazing Mumford would say, “A La Peanut Butter Sandwiches!”  A website is born that is a true work horse, but looks like a refined and unique thing of beauty. It is YOUR web design with all the bells and whistles to meet YOUR needs. E-commerce, e-newsletter archives, member logins, online forms to collect data, donation portals for nonprofits, live feeds, social media plugins, inventory maintenance, and all built with SEO basics in mind.

3 Reasons Why Unique CMS Website Design is Important:

  1. Great and unique design helps companies to make strong first impressions – to be memorable.
  2. The ability for a website to function as a tool, to streamline your process, rather than just be a portfolio is invaluable.
  3. Content Management Systems are all about giving the business owner or company the power to make basic edits on their site, to assign different people different logins, create new pages or blog posts within the same design format as the rest of the site, and to manage data.

We customize WordPress sites for our clients who want a CMS on a regular basis because it is about as user-friendly as it gets right now. Then we create a custom PDF instruction manual, tailored for each individual site, so that our clients immediately have the ability to log in to their new website and start editing their event calendar or posting new content. Step-by-step instructions that tell you exactly where to click and what to expect, and we go through them with you to answer any questions along the way.