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  • Thursday, May 23, 2024


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Task Title StatusStart DateDue Date DurationDate Completed
Task Title:1342400193: Project Kickoff QuestionnaireStatus: DoneStart Date:Due Date:Duration:Date Completed:04/23/2024
Task Title:DISCOVERYStatus: DoneStart Date:04/09/2024Due Date:04/18/2024Duration:9 DaysDate Completed:05/01/2024
Task Title:Project SetupStatus: DoneStart Date:04/09/2024Due Date:04/11/2024Duration:2 DaysDate Completed:04/09/2024
Task Title:Kickoff + Discovery Meeting ☎️Status: DoneStart Date:04/16/2024Due Date:04/16/2024Duration:1 DaysDate Completed:04/16/2024
Task Title:Collect Branding Files & Access 🟢Status: DoneStart Date:04/17/2024Due Date:04/18/2024Duration:1 DaysDate Completed:05/01/2024
Task Title:RESEARCHStatus: DoneStart Date:04/19/2024Due Date:05/01/2024Duration:12 DaysDate Completed:05/01/2024
Task Title:SEO Research + KW ReportStatus: DoneStart Date:04/19/2024Due Date:05/01/2024Duration:12 DaysDate Completed:05/01/2024
Task Title:SITE PLANNINGStatus: In ProgressStart Date:04/29/2024Due Date:05/28/2024Duration:29 DaysDate Completed:
Task Title:Sitemap Strategy + OutlineStatus: DoneStart Date:04/29/2024Due Date:04/29/2024Duration:1 DaysDate Completed:04/29/2024
Task Title:Sitemap DesignStatus: DoneStart Date:04/30/2024Due Date:05/08/2024Duration:8 DaysDate Completed:05/10/2024
Task Title:Sitemap Client Review ☎️Status: DoneStart Date:05/06/2024Due Date:05/08/2024Duration:2 DaysDate Completed:05/08/2024
Task Title:Content Collection 🟢Status: Awaiting ClientStart Date:05/09/2024Due Date:05/24/2024Duration:15 DaysDate Completed:
Task Title:Team Huddle to discuss next phaseStatus: On DeckStart Date:05/28/2024Due Date:05/28/2024Duration:1 DaysDate Completed:
Task Title:COPY REVIEW + OPTIMIZATIONStatus: On DeckStart Date:05/29/2024Due Date:06/07/2024Duration:9 DaysDate Completed:
Task Title:Copy Review + OptimizationStatus: On DeckStart Date:05/29/2024Due Date:06/05/2024Duration:7 DaysDate Completed:
Task Title:QA Copy + ApproveStatus: On DeckStart Date:06/06/2024Due Date:06/07/2024Duration:1 DaysDate Completed:
Task Title:DESIGN + DEVELOPMENTStatus: On DeckStart Date:06/10/2024Due Date:08/23/2024Duration:74 DaysDate Completed:
Task Title:Homepage Design + NavStatus: On DeckStart Date:06/10/2024Due Date:06/28/2024Duration:18 DaysDate Completed:
Task Title:Homepage + Nav v1Status: On DeckStart Date:06/10/2024Due Date:06/14/2024Duration:4 DaysDate Completed:
Task Title:Homepage Design Client Review ☎️Status: On DeckStart Date:06/17/2024Due Date:06/20/2024Duration:3 DaysDate Completed:
Task Title:Homepage + Nav v2 (optional revisions)Status: On DeckStart Date:06/21/2024Due Date:06/25/2024Duration:4 DaysDate Completed:
Task Title:Homepage + Nav v3 (optional/ final)Status: On DeckStart Date:06/26/2024Due Date:06/28/2024Duration:2 DaysDate Completed:
Task Title:UI Style Guide + PrepStatus: On DeckStart Date:07/01/2024Due Date:07/02/2024Duration:1 DaysDate Completed:
Task Title:Homepage + Foundation BuildoutStatus: On DeckStart Date:07/03/2024Due Date:07/10/2024Duration:7 DaysDate Completed:
Task Title:Sub Pages BuildoutStatus: On DeckStart Date:07/11/2024Due Date:07/26/2024Duration:15 DaysDate Completed:
Task Title:Content ImplementationStatus: On DeckStart Date:07/29/2024Due Date:07/30/2024Duration:1 DaysDate Completed:
Task Title:On-Page SEOStatus: On DeckStart Date:07/31/2024Due Date:08/02/2024Duration:2 DaysDate Completed:
Task Title:Internal QAStatus: On DeckStart Date:08/05/2024Due Date:08/07/2024Duration:2 DaysDate Completed:
Task Title:Presentation + Client Review ☎️Status: On DeckStart Date:08/08/2024Due Date:08/14/2024Duration:6 DaysDate Completed:
Task Title:Client Training & AccessStatus: On DeckStart Date:08/15/2024Due Date:08/16/2024Duration:1 DaysDate Completed:
Task Title:Launch 🚀Status: On DeckStart Date:08/19/2024Due Date:08/19/2024Duration:1 DaysDate Completed:
Task Title:Post-Launch Followup copyStatus: On DeckStart Date:08/20/2024Due Date:08/23/2024Duration:3 DaysDate Completed: