Triangle’s Trusted Roofing Co

In a competitive industry, we needed web design that set them apart from competitors…

Distinguished. Needing to make an impact within the competitive market of Raleigh area roofing companies, the soon-to-be-owner of Triangle’s Trusted Roofing, Ryan, contacted Chariot with a vision. Starting at ground level, once we helped solidify the domain name, our team got busy with the design of the new logo. We set out on a branding strategy that would carry this startup from the website all the way through to his vehicle wrap, proposal documents, shirts, hats, and business cards.

Our Research and Discovery phases played an important role by identifying his biggest opportunities, shaping the content strategy, and guiding us through the website mapping, wireframe, and design process.


After doing research into what aspects of a roofing company people most want, our team began building concepts. Our goal was to convey trust, stability, perseverance, and relevancy to what TTRC offered. As any good logo, we needed to communicate what they offer even without reading the first word. Pulling from our team’s experience in customer conversion, first impressions, and color psychology, we aimed for something strong, clean, and iconic. The final logo represented the roofline of a house within a strong, dual color shield icon. This logo stands very well on its own, lends itself to multiple uses, and looks great as a tattoo! Okay, just kidding with that last one!


SEO Research & Keyword Portfolio

Leaning on our proven digital marketing process, we started with research into the search volumes of high yielding keywords and along with queues from the world of paid search. Before we could build a strategy to rise above the rat race of a very competitive industry in the Raleigh area, we first had to learn just who was in the race and how the current game was being played.

Our team identified a list of priority keywords & topics that would get the most inbound traffic for the efforts put into SEO and content. In addition, we established a strategy of measuring conversions both organically and integrating metrics with their Google Ads campaigns that we would also be managing. Having a powerful lens on as much data as possible would allow us to be more effective. And it certainly did.

Site Map

Armed with a fresh new brand and some solid research, we then created the website site map. This is a rough road map of the new website’s pages, menu system, and user flow. Based on how we knew users act online, especially in this industry, it was important to create a logical but engaging navigation. The sitemap helped to guide our team in the next steps and keep the client knowing what to expect.



Next, using the data and planning established by the research, customer journey, and site map, we put together the website wireframes. This is where the data begins to merge with very rough design elements to establish a visual framework for the homepage and other key, high-converting pages of the new website. Brand introduction and driving visitors to the physical location were one of the top priorities in conversion efforts, along with story-telling and capturing what visitor info they could.

As with any website, this wireframe acted as the very beginning stages of the design. However, it more heavily addressed the planned touch points of the custom journey and conversion efforts.

Web Design

User Experience: Our goal was to build a UX that held true to the “Trusted” brand, presented their industry-unique offering of a lifetime warranty, and lead the user through the screens towards the calls to action. Mobile web design is often more important than desktop, and this site was no different. We created a design that engaged the user, relayed exactly what TTRC was about, and compelled them to stay on the page and scroll to see more.

Knowing that the blog would be both a resource as well as hold value in getting longtail keyword traffic, we made the flow into the blog as seamless as possible. The user is offered teasers, relevant to the page they’re on, along the way to help decrease bounce rate and increase click through and conversion.


  • Custom-built Responsive WordPress Theme
  • Mobile Responsive and Adaptive Code
  • Custom Javascript for Layered, Parallax Scrolling
  • Filterable Blog Listing View (Filter by Category or Tag)
  • Unique Blog Feed to Homepage with CSS Hover Effects
  • Admin uses customized logic with Advanced Custom Fields
  • MailChimp Email Subscriber Integration
  • Embedded Interactive Google Location Map
  • CSS Button Hover Animations
  • Social Media Share Options for Blog Articles
  • Optimized Load Speed and On-Page SEO
  • Website Hosting with SSL w/ Ongoing Maintenance & Backup

See the finished product: