Website Content Session Raleigh NCRaleigh’s Internet Summit 2016 was a “can’t miss” for Chariot Creative. Never stop learning, right? While our brains are still recovering from the nonstop talks, data share, inspiration, and our own record-setting note-taking speed (our fingers are fatigued too), we’re left thinking about a lot of great takeaways from the internet marketing conference.

Raleigh Hosted a Conference. Big Deal.
Why is that Worth Blogging About?

Sure, this is an event that’s tailored to professionals in the marketing industry. But we’re firm believers that in this day and age, everyone can benefit from learning a few no-nonsense marketing basics, so we’re going to pass along some good points to you!

The internet and other digital media have changed our world in a lot of obvious ways, but perhaps the biggest is simply how blindingly fast change happens. Almost everything is touched by it from how children are being educated to how you submit reports to your boss to how you shop for household products. Raleigh’s Internet Summit was all about embracing and expecting (and creating!) the changes that affect business and marketing, creative approaches to utilizing the tools we have, but also in being balanced. Know what to keep steady and build on.


Every year, there is a lot of change in marketing as a whole, and it’s about more than just a competitive tagline, trendy branding or the newest social app. PEOPLE change. Your target audience grows. How they use digital media evolves. What they expect matters. Should you surprise them with something witty and a little off-kilter, or do you stick with something informative and familiar to try to gain trust? It depends!

  1. We are visual. Pages with images are opened 94% more often.
  2. Google is only getting faster and smarter. If you’re not positioning for Featured Snippets, Mobile-first indexing, AMP, Unique Content, and Penguin 4.0, then your marketing will be left in the dust. (Michael King, iPullRank)
  3. Quality over Quantity. Stats show that customers who take more time to convert stay customers for much longer. Brand loyalty starts even before they are a customer. (Rand Fishkin, Moz)
  4. Design is about the user. Art is expression and is more about appreciation, whereas design is about function and is more about alleviation. Design solves a problem. (Austin Knight, Hubspot)
  5. Assume No One Cares. Make the mission of your content to create something that people will care about. Get real. Be Authentic. Cut the BS. (Hassan Ali, The Onion)
  6. Bigger. Bolder. Stronger. Engaging content is more about brains than budget. Smart companies don’t follow trends, they start them. (Anne Handley, Marketing Profs)
  7. Clean Your Room. From navigation to content, cut out what you don’t need. Don’t be ignorant of your own product, don’t deny change, and don’t AB test worthless crap. (Michael Salamon, Lousy)
  8. I Like Big Buttons and I Cannot Lie. Be sure your emails are content-aware, pay attention to the preview text, be authentic, and make your buttons super easy to Tap and Click. (Justine Jordan, Litmus)
  9. The Best Place to Hide a Dead Body is on Page 2 of Google. 92% of people never go beyond Page 1 of Google search results. (Arnie Kuenn, Vertical Measures)
  10. Society Defines Emotion. Modern technology allows us to track emotional response and measure it. (Neal Patel, Google)

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